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“POOFS is highly effective in the removal of dust, pet odors, and allergens from the air.”

POOFS continually removes micro droplets and aerosol from the space around patients, clients, friends and coworkers when it is not feasible to maintain a safe social distance or when in an environment with limited air movement.

Viruses are very tiny. The average virus is around 750 times smaller than the average human hair. To stay alive in the air, they require a protective coating of fat and moisture. These added layers of protection make airborne viruses around 10 times thicker than they would be without them.

Imagine you’re a virus that has just been expelled into the air by your host. You’re coated with your protective layers of fat and moisture and you’re ready to explore the world. As you float in the air amidst thousands of microscopic droplets of saliva, other viruses, water, etc., you see the nose of your next host. Your next host inhales and you start to drift towards their nose, when all of a sudden you’re sucked sideways out of the air. The next thing you know, you’re crashing into the seemingly endless walls of a maze (the first and second filters). As you continue on, the walls of the maze get significantly smaller (HEPA filter) and eventually you get stuck or your protective layers of moisture and fat are stripped off. And so ends your would-be epic journey. It was dangerous while it lasted.

Goodbye, virus. Hello, clean air.

The Point of Origin Filtration System (POOFS) has three filters. The first two filters collect up to 90% of particles that are larger than fat-coated viruses (such as dust, bacteria, and saliva). When it comes to cleaning the air, these first two filters take the brunt of work. The cleaning is completed when the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter traps particles down to 100 times smaller than fat and moisture coated viruses.

POOFs can filter all of the air in a 10x10 room in about 5 minutes.

If you are in a room with a POOFs unit, there will be significantly less viral load to worry about, granting you peace of mind and cleaner air to breathe.