Skateworld Tacoma

Skateworld Tacoma
2101 Mildred St W
Tacoma, WA 98466
United States

There was a young lady named Emily who was 20 years old, a military spouse and she loved to roller skate.

She found Skateworld on DiscoverJBLM.com and headed off to Tacoma, Washington, to show off her moves and have fun with her friends.

One sunny afternoon, Emily arrived at Skateworld ready to roll. She laced up her skates, put on her favorite playlist, and hit the rink. She zoomed past other skaters, doing spins and twirls with ease.

As she skated, she noticed another military spouse that she recognized who was watching her with awe. The other spouse named Emma looked up at Emily with wide eyes and asked, "How do you skate like that?"

Emily smiled and showed Emma some of her favorite moves, and taught her the basics of skating. Emma's face lit up as she learned to skate backwards and do a few tricks of her own.

The two of them skated together for hours, laughing and having a blast. When it was time for Emma to leave, she hugged Emily tightly and said, "Thanks for being my skating teacher!"

Emily grinned from ear to ear, feeling proud of herself for sharing her love of skating with someone else, especially another military spouse who is far from home. She skated a victory lap around the rink, feeling grateful for the joy that skating brought into her life.

From that day on, Emily and Emma continued to visit Skateworld and shared there love of skating with others.

Maybe someday, you'll see them there too.