Deputy Sheriff

Clark County
707 W. 13th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
United States

Law Enforcement / Military
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From $29.51 To $37.64
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Job Summary

Clark County Sheriff's Office is a full-service agency with challenging opportunities in law enforcement for deputies of all experience levels. The department is dedicated to a community-oriented policing style. The ideal candidate must have strong skills and abilities in the areas of facilitation, creative problem solving, active listening, motivation, and leadership. The role of Deputy requires the ability to draw upon a broad base of resources and apply those resources to effective problem solving. Deputies are expected to draw out citizens and business owners, enlisting their participation in shaping how law enforcement services are delivered to the community. If you have the skills and abilities required to meet the challenges of community policing, you are encouraged to apply. Entry level deputies are generally appointed to patrol deputy positions.


Public Safety Testing Law Enforcement Written Exam: (Written-Weighted 30%) (Written Exam scores of 70 or above are accepted) Public Safety Testing (PST) is providing an option for REMOTE TESTING - https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/information-center/remote-testing/

Check their website for testing schedules and rates https://www.publicsafetytesting.com/ or 1.866.HIRE-911 (1.866.447.3911)

These positions offer a wide variety of challenging emergency and routine duties including:
• Patrolling assigned areas
• Conducting investigations & interrogating witnesses/suspects
• Responding to radio calls
• Serving civil papers and warrants
• Controlling disturbances & subduing and/or restraining individuals
• Communicating ideas/information to group meetings
• Providing resources/solutions to the public on crime prevention techniques and security
• Developing public relation contact with civil groups, schools, businesses, neighborhood organizations and other law enforcement agencies.

Initial assignments will be patrol, but after two (2) to three (3) years of patrol experience, deputies have the opportunity to apply for special assignments in the following areas:

• Traffic
• Narcotics
• Detectives
• K-9
• Marine Patrol
• Child Abuse
• School Resource Deputy
• Hostage Negotiation
• Bomb Technician
• Computer Forensics.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking qualified minorities, women and veterans to enhance its work force and to reflect the diversity of the community.

Deputy Sheriffs are represented by the Clark County Deputy Sheriffs’ Guild.

Selection Process Details

This is a continuous recruitment.

Applicants may test as often as they wish. However, Clark County offers no guarantee of an oral board interview; and will only interview an applicant once in a 12-month period regardless of updated written scores.

Clark County retrieves scores from PST on a continuous basis. Oral board interviews will be scheduled every other month in 2018: May, July, September, November.

NOTE: The Clark County Sheriffs Office uses custom third-party online software for personal history questionnaires. The PST personal history statement will not be accepted.

Written and Physical Agility Exams: (Written-Weighted 40%, Physical Agility-Pass/Fail)

See their website for testing schedules and rates


1.866.HIRE-911 (1.866.447.3911)

Clark County downloads scores and invites candidates to fill out an Application.

Oral Board Interview: (Weighted 60%) Interviews will be job-related and may include, but not be limited to, the qualifications outlined in the job announcement. Interviews will be conducted on a regular basis, details will be released. The interview requires a passing score of 70% for continued consideration.

Eligibility List - Successful candidates’ final scores will be ranked order of high/low. All candidates who successfully pass the oral board interview process (70% or better) will be placed onto the Clark County Civil Service eligibility list according to rank. Rank is established by the candidate’s overall oral board interview score. The Civil Service Commission will review and certify the list to be in effect for one year from the date of list certification.

Background Investigation - Involves a comprehensive investigation based on information provided by candidates’ personal history statements. The investigation may include: a neighborhood check, reference checks, personal interview, work history check, criminal, driving, and financial history checks (from high school forward). The Clark County Sheriff’s Office conducts background investigations on candidates for positions in the Sheriff’s Office who have satisfactorily completed the Civil Service examination process. The background investigation is a valued component in the overall picture of a candidate. Issues of integrity and ethics are taken very seriously due to our commitment to the community. The investigation will include: a neighborhood check, reference checks, personal interview, work history check, criminal, driving, and financial history checks.

Final Selection Interview: As positions become available, the top three candidates (going down the list - who have successfully completed all of the recruitment processes as described above) are contacted to participate in a final interview process conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.

Post Offer Process: The post offer process includes successful completion prior to actual employment of a physical agility assessment, polygraph, psychological evaluation, and full medical including drug screening.

Veteran’s Preference*

Washington State law RCW 41.04.010 provides for Veterans' Scoring Criteria status in the examination of applicants for employment provided certain requirements are met. Clark County awards Veterans' Scoring Criteria, in accordance with state law, to veterans honorably released from active military service who meet all statutory requirements. If you are claiming Veterans' Scoring Criteria, you must attach your DD Form 214 Copy 4 to your completed application packet.

Job Requirements
Education and Experience:

• High school diploma or a GED certification
• United States' Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident at the time of appointment
• Ability to read and write the English language (required by RCW 41.14.00)
• Valid driver's license at time of appointment
• Have no prior felony or domestic violence convictions and/or recent or excessive drug usage history
• Have the ability to perform the essential mental, verbal, visual and physical demands and functions of the position

Knowledge of: Geographic area of employment, including major roads and traffic routes; basic aims and principles of crime prevention, law enforcement, and rehabilitation.
Ability to: Learn and understand laws of arrest, search and seizure, and rules of evidence; respond quickly and exercise sound judgment under conditions of danger, confusion, and personal affront; physically restrain persons using proper and safe methods; use physical force to effect an arrest of resisting subjects; handle firearms safely and fire them accurately; maintain cooperative and responsible attitude toward co-workers and general public; use of various forms of technology to include computers; and speak and write effectively, using good grammar.

Any combination of work experience and education which clearly demonstrates the ability to perform the work of the class.

Work Environment and Physical Demands

The work is performed in a variety of settings, including a patrol vehicle and both indoor and outdoor commercial and residential settings. The majority of time is spent in a vehicle patrolling the Clark County area. Often work settings require exposure to varying and extreme weather conditions. When responding to emergencies risks of physical hazard will exist from various sources including violent people, a variety of weapons, noise, chemicals, bodily secretions, sharp objects, traffic, drugs and drug paraphernalia and crime scenes in general. Incumbents are expected to manage face-to-face interactions and confrontations with angry, hostile, depressed and/or otherwise emotionally distraught members of the public. As a result of such threat, the work requires quick, independent action and alertness in emergency and possibly life-threatening situations.

Essential tasks of this positions include: operating motor vehicles; using digital police radios or other technology while patrolling; responding to emergency and routine calls; conducting investigations and/or interrogations; sustaining pursuits on a variety of terrain [on foot (running) and by vehicle (driving)], subduing, restraining and apprehending individuals suspected of criminal activity; making forcible arrests; carrying/dragging unconscious individuals; audiometric standards of no less of more than 25 decibels at the 500, 1000, 2000 or 3000 (HZ) levels in either ear, eye sight uncorrected not worse than 20/100, correctable to not worse than 20/30 OR correctable with soft contacts to 20/20-20/40; strong eye-hand coordination; handling firearms safely and firing them with consistency and accuracy; effective use of assigned law enforcement equipment which may include flashlights, asp, tazer, handcuffs, OC spray, etc.; confiscating and documenting property and evidence; using computer technology to write police reports and document ongoing investigations; climbing stairs, walls and along ledges, hillsides or embankments; moving heavy objects via pushing, pulling, etc.; crawling through small spaces; kneeling or crouching in small, confined areas and sitting for extended periods of time during surveillance; lifting materials, equipment and persons exceeding 100 lbs.; and disruption of sleep patterns as a result of rotation and/or irregular shift work
Clark County

United States