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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Active Military, Spouse, Veteran Business Listing - Lifetime fee $99.99
This is a one-time fee (FOREVER) for active duty military, Military Spouses, Veteran Business owners.  You MUST own the business to include crafts etc...  This does not apply if you conduct sales for another business.  
***Real estate, mortgage or car dealer see below
Access to our groups with 70,000 JBLM area group members on Facebook.
Ability for other spouses to find your business easily.
If you don't have a website, this allows you a place to highlight your business
SEO - People will be able to find you on search engines
The rate is $99 for LIFE!  
***We are sorry as a real estate company has already purchased exclusivity. If you are a mortgage company or car dealer, contact us at 360-280-1068 for a quote for exclusive access. You are the only entity in your industry who can post in our groups and featured on our site.  
Arts & Crafts $29.00
If you create art or crafts, we offer an affordable special listing for only $29 for a year.
Benefits:  You don't have a website.  You can post your pictures of products here.  You can direct people to your webpage on our site to buy.  It builds credibility.  Ultimately, this helps to build your business. 
You get a rotating profile on the home page.  You have access to JBLM facebook groups with over 25k members. ***
We are in the business community and can easily discern between those who create items to sell and those who are selling commercial items.  Please do not select this if you do not personally make the things you are selling.  Thank you.
You get to join these two exclusive JBLM area groups*** 
Please do not select this listing if your business does not fit this category.  
Video portion may be used for a non-competing message by
Use of the video portion requires a featured listing.  
*** These are the only groups that we own that you can post in. For full group access to over 70,000 members requires a featured listing.  
Basic One Year Listing $49.49
This site got over 3.6 million visits in 2020.  
Basic one year listing includes link to your web site and 5 pictures.  $49.49 per year.  It's worth it!  Especially if you don't have a website yet, you can easily use this listing to share your goods and services and gain credibility.  That's less than $5 per month!  For a YEAR!
Why is this a great deal for your business?  If you don't have a website especially, you now have a place to feature your products and someone may be able to find you and refer business to you.  With over 3 million visits since launch in November 2019, you may be able to get business from those browsing the site also.  
This does not give you access to post in our groups. Rather, its a great way to be seen by our members and website visitors.  It creates a one page website just for your business. 
You will not be featured on the home page of the website with a basic listing.  A non-competing video may be added at the bottom of your profile by
***When you get the Featured (not basic) one year listings (next membership step and not 'basic') you get:
Featured on a rotation basis on our home page
Access to more Facebook groups (70,000 JBLM area members)
Add video to your profile
10 photos 
Our spouse groups require the featured listing and this basic listing does not apply. 
***We are sorry as a real estate company has already purchased exclusivity. If you are a mortgage company or car company, contact us at 360-545-3874 for a quote for exclusive access. You are the only entity in your industry who can post in our groups and featured on our site.  
Featured One Year Listing - $249 paid quarterly $249.00
3 million+ visits since we launched in November 2019!  That's huge!  We also promote our site to 100,000 social media followers and members of our groups to include a group of over 6000 JBLM spouses.  
We are also owned by a premier marketing agency. We give FREE advisement on:
Social media management
Email Marketing
Text Message Marketing
Programatic advertising (google ads)
Website and SEO
You have a marketing agency to turn to for help. 
The cost is $249 paid quarterly.  This will be automatically deducted.
One year commitment.  We are Saturn Barter members- Contact us for barter.
***Real estate, mortgage, marketing or car dealer see bottom statement. 
Featured listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, ability to post 1 video clip, coupons and featured placement.  
Your featured listing and membership gives you direct access to our 70,000 member ultra exclusive JBLM area groups.  The value of these groups are tremendous for your business. *** Only paid subscribers have access to our groups.   
Don't forget, this is a tax deductible expense as marketing for your business! 
Questions?  Call 360-280-1068 - Military Spouse owned business?  Call us for special rates. 
Call us if you would like to discuss advertising with ads for additional exposure.  
***We are sorry as a real estate company and marketing agency has already purchased exclusivity.  If you are a mortgage company, insurance or car company, contact us at for a quote for exclusive access.  
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