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Daily News Jan 30, 2023
1/30/2023 JBLM
Veteran creates "Bucket of Bread"
1/30/2023 DJBLM
You gotta see this!
Is NATO becoming war-weary?
1/21/2023 DiscoverJBLM.com
Let's talk about Yelp
1/20/2023 DiscoverJBLM.com
Business owner?
Do You Need a post-Holiday Retreat?
1/4/2023 Jamie Milletary
A place to rejuvenate.
Wondering what the minimum wage is in Washington?
1/3/2023 DJBLM
2023 Military Pay Raise Will Be the Largest in 20 Years!
12/26/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Retirees and veterans too!
DoD Releases 2023 Basic Allowance for Housing Rates
12/22/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
See the rates here
Traditional Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Your Advantage
12/18/2022 Elena Stewart
Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business
5 Tips to Jump Start Your Weight Loss Post-Pandemic
12/18/2022 DJBLM
Healthy Living
Funding Your Small Business: Advice for Securing Startup Grants
12/16/2022 MORE
Choosing to start a small business is an accomplishment in itself
GO ARMY - BEAT NAVY!! - Watch this!
12/6/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
McChord Commissary is Hiring!
12/6/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
McChord Commissary
For The Intellectuals.  Are we facing a Nuclear War?
12/2/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
BREAKING:  Musk releases Twitter collusion files
12/2/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Egg Rolls in the Ninja Food
11/25/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
What can you do with that leftover turkey?
4 Tips to Minimize Holiday Clutter
11/25/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Have you discovered McMenamins Yet?
11/24/2022 Jamie
While stationed at JBLM, get a local passport and visit
The Transition Mission: A Green Beret’s approach to transition from military service
11/22/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Worried, lost, scared, or confused about leaving the military?
Snowflake Multi Tool - Only $7.50!
11/20/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Stainless Steel Snowflake Bottle Opener/Flat Phillips Screwdriver Kit/Wrench, Durable and Portable to Take, Great Christmas gift (Standard, Stainless Steel).
Growing Green: Starting a Thriving Green-Building Company
11/19/2022 Julie Morris
Former 2/75 Airborne Ranger writes a great book
11/19/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
See it
Targets of Tyranny: How to Survive Being an Enemy of the State
11/19/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
This should not be happening in America.
Local - National - International JBLM News
11/18/2022 JBLM
11/18/2022 JBLM
Local - National - International JBLM News
11/17/2022 JBLM
Thursday November 17, 2022
JBLM Turkey Drop distributes 1,200 turkeys
11/17/2022 Edzel Butac, JBLM Public Affairs
Local - National - International JBLM News
11/16/2022 JBLM
Wednesday November 16, 2022
Air Fryer Magic
11/12/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
I am in love
Let Me See Your War Face! Drill Sergeants Can't Yell Anymore?
11/7/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
How to store ground meat?
11/6/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
The US Military's New Smart Optic that Aims For You. The XM-157
10/26/2022 Garand Thumb
The US Army has selected the XM-157
FDA Clearance for Treatment of Anxious Depression - HUGE!
10/23/2022 Source: Neuronetics
Being emotionally stuck and unhappy in life is harmful. Help is here.
Home-Based Success When Moving Your Home Base
10/23/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Moving and starting a business at the same time means one thing in particular: you’re going to be busy.
Russia Retaliates
10/10/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Numerous explosions in Ukraine
Spice Up Game Day With These Mouthwatering Recipes
10/10/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Market
10/6/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
How Army Cooks Are Trained To Feed 800 Soldiers In The Field
9/29/2022 Business Insider
Boot Camp | Business Insider
Micaela Bensko, Founder Veterans In Pain V.I.P.
9/23/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Making a difference in the medical community for Veterans
Exciting News for Landscaping Companies!
9/22/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Harvest Group's latest business news
How To Create Your Dream Living Space With Small Decor Changes
9/21/2022 Sarah Velasquez
Has your lifestyle changed since settling into your home or apartment?
Prepare for a Recession With Ease
9/14/2022 Julie Morris
It's no longer something they can hide.
9/11/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
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What is the most watched YouTube Video Ever?
9/8/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Did you know?
Hot Job Alert
9/2/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
See it
Army announces upcoming 2nd SBCT, 2nd Infantry Division, unit rotation
9/2/2022 U.S. Army Public Affairs
U.S. Army Public Affairs
Just go ahead and unfriend that person already
9/1/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Local Dr. David Simonsen
Renting a Child-Friendly Home
8/31/2022 Craig Brown
HUGE!  Have you heard of Bare Knuckle Fight Club?
8/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Must see
Making Your Buildings Safer
8/29/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Moving? Things to look for.
Pelosi departs Taiwan for S. Korea
8/3/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
DiscoverJBLM.com International News
China Prepares for War
8/2/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Pelosi Landed in Taiwan
Life as a Trans Soldier
8/2/2022 Vice News
Vice News
Waking Up From a Coma in 2022
7/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
JP's newest video
We got Audible for FREE.  You can too.
7/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Stream or download to listen offline! Free 30-day trial.
Make 1984 Fiction Again
7/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
JP has another great video
Zelensky 'not all he's portrayed as' by Western media: Bernardi
7/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
An interesting perspective
Truth?  What is in the Veteran's bill that they 'forgot' to tell you
7/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
It's what they didn't tell you
7/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Fly to Vegas for $62 bucks! (rates as of July 25, 2022)
7/25/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Who wants to go to Vegas?
How to Show Your Support for the U.S. Military This Summer
7/17/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
While it’s always the right time of year to show your support for the U.S. Military, the summer season offers a special opportunity to do so.
Join a junk removal franchise or go solo?
7/14/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Trash Talk Business Podcast Episode 1
JBLM DHR - New name. New logo. Same commitment.
6/15/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Making Renovations
6/14/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Fun Day - JBLM EFMP Family Programs and Tacoma Arts Live
6/5/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Flip Your Sandwich Game Upside Down
5/31/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
The Importance of Memorial Day
5/30/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
The Impact of Loneliness on Transitioning Military Spouses
5/27/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Watch the chat!
How Likely is a Nuclear War?
5/22/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Weapons Expert Dr. Pavel Podvig
Why Putin Couldn't Invade Finland - TLDR News
5/16/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
International News
Gravitas: China blows up replica of Taiwan's naval base
5/15/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
The Chinese are replicating Taiwanese bases and "blowing them up to smithereens."
Air layering Pecan Trees PROOF that it really works.
5/15/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Cool farming techniques
Watch Red Dawn for FREE!
5/8/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Get Amazon Prime for FREE for 30 days. Watch some great movies.
5-Point Contingency Plan - Family Applications
3/7/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
GOTWA - What does it mean?
Gaming Connects American Military Members With Loved Ones
2/17/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
The USO has focused part of its mission on providing military members with opportunities to connect and relax with video games
Russia ramps up more troops at Ukraine border
1/22/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
See it
Grand Canyon University (GCU) has developed a military university program
1/17/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
GCU is honored to serve the military community.
Air Force unveils action plan to ‘Develop tomorrow’s enlisted Airmen’
1/12/2022 Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
“In order to succeed in the 21st Century fight, Airmen need an interconnected development system that supports continuous growth,” Bass said.
Day in the Life of a Saint | Saint Martin's University
1/12/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
Come see it.
Do you need a break?  Take 5 minutes from it all here.
1/11/2022 DiscoverJBLM.com
"I needed that..."
The 5th SFAB participates in Bijôy Dibôsh in Bangladesh
1/5/2022 Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Haines, 5th SFAB Public Affairs
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Haines, 5th SFAB Public Affairs Representative
1/5/2022 Military OneSource
Get the help that you need.
12/30/2021 Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
Airmen and Guardians who are eligible and elect to receive a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are authorized a four-hour pass
Free Marketing Tools for Your Business
12/28/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Get yours
CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington with Gordon Ramsey
12/25/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
A Christmas take on a classic dish.
How Do You Make That? RIPSAW M5
12/24/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
See it!
Triumph over doubt: Reserve loadmaster hikes the Appalachian Trail alone
12/8/2021 Senior Airman Chris Sommers, 446th Airlift Wing PA
Paperbell For Coaches
12/5/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Paperbell is an all-in-one tool that handles scheduling, payments and client management for your coaching business.
List and sell your products on the world's largest online marketplaces.
12/5/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
A great solution for small to medium businesses
Beat the Holiday Stress With Cheese-Pleasing Recipes and Fun
11/29/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Holiday Season
Do you know why other businesses are getting more customers than you?
11/27/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Every business owner should see this!
Veteran's Day 2021 Deals
11/11/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
See the list!
✨ A world of imagination ✨ Children's Museum at JBLM
10/5/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Children's Museum at JBLM
SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan
9/30/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic.
Looking for local dog parks?
9/24/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Visit them all on and off JBLM.
Illuminating Ideas for Hanging String Lights in Your Backyard
9/23/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
As the days grow shorter and we head into fall, it’s one of the best times of year to enhance your backyard life at night.
Tom Cotton: The world is laughing at Biden after UN speech
9/22/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
National News
First female with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) rejects failure, graduates Ranger School
9/15/2021 Story by Spc. Thoman Johnson
A new legacy begins at 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
JBLM’s Dental Activity memorializes clinic
9/1/2021 Terence Mitchell
The Lefler Dental Clinic and the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Dental Health Activity (DENTAC) held a memorialization ceremony June 1
Online Jobs for Veterans & Military Spouses
8/4/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Come see the HUGE list
I Corps Welcome Video
7/11/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
See it here
In-Processing at the JBLM Reception Center
7/11/2021 JBLM
Welcome to JBLM
Smart Savings
7/9/2021 JBLM
See the video here
Understanding Credit and Credit Reports
7/8/2021 JBLM
See the video here
Personal Firearms at JBLM
6/24/2021 JBLM
See the video
Forge Combatives Class-H2F
6/22/2021 JBLM
See the video
How to Drive Safely with Pets
5/5/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Sports for Kids at JBLM
4/22/2021 JBLM
See the video
Headed to JBLM?
4/14/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
See the video
How Army Infantry PREPARE thier Squad Leaders!!
3/25/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
See the video
Do you feel unsafe shopping off of JBLM?
3/15/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Take the poll. No contact info needed.
See Mars - At Night!
3/8/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
It's amazingly beautiful.
3/1/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
What car dealers don't want you to know.
JBLM Weekly Weather Forecast Wk of Feb 21
2/21/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
What to expect from the weather this week in the JBLM area.
2/16/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
It's launching in Washington - Finally!
The Science of Spirituality & Wellness
2/4/2021 JBLM
See the video
3 Keys to a Successful Relationship
2/4/2021 JBLM
See the video
Five Love Languages
2/2/2021 JBLM
See the video
I Corps Best Marksmanship Competition
2/2/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
See the video
Service Matters with Xfinity Cable
1/26/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Deals for Military
How to Make Remote-Learning More Rewarding and Fun
1/24/2021 Statepoint
How to Make Remote-Learning More Rewarding and Fun
Jan. 21 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
1/22/2021 JBLM
Jan. 21 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
1/20/2021 Military OneSource
Where is my stimulus check?
1/4/2021 DiscoverJBLM.com
Find out today
95th Military Police Detachment
11/26/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
See the video
How to Make a Shelter in the Woods
10/15/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Survival requires shelter.
Best Texas Political Ad Ever
9/24/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
See it
Local Hero and Airborne Ranger - Leroy Petry endorses President Trump
9/22/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
A wounded war veteran talks about how he believes Joe Biden is too weak to lead.
Eight Quick Tips for Saving Money
8/2/2020 StatePoint
Saving money is a top priority for many Americans, but it becomes even more important during times of economic turmoil.
Top Ways to Take a Safe Vacation
7/6/2020 Statepoint
Traveling domestically can be a step in the right direction.
What to Expect When Your Dentist’s Office Reopens
5/20/2020 Statepoint
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of daily life, including regular visits to the dentist.
Coronavirus Second Wave Is Coming - Understand what it's about and prepare
5/20/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Understand what it's about and prepare
Space Force Recruiting Video Is Out
5/8/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Check out the recruiting video
FREE!  Get Amazon Prime - Watch Movies - Books & more!
4/29/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Do you have some free time?
Famous Dave's BBQ Helps our local Health Care Professionals
4/24/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Help feed as many front line healthcare workers in our community during this challenging time.
The SBA disaster relief loan application has been updated
4/1/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
When qualified businesses apply for the loan they receive $10,000 that does not need to be repaid.
Need Cash?  How to Get Rid of Stuff You No Longer Need.
3/22/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
There are ways to raise cash.
NOTICE: JBLM Child and Youth Services (CYS) program
3/15/2020 JBLM
Impact of COVID-19 and statewide school closures on JBLM's Child Development Centers (CDCs) and School Aged Centers (SACs)
Governor Closes All Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment & Rec Facilities
3/15/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Governor Jay Inslee said he will be signing a statewide emergency proclamation Monday to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.
Interior Updates You Can Make to Create a Wow Factor
3/4/2020 (StatePoint)
Creating that wow factor is easy to achieve
No, Corona Beer does not cause the Coronavirus
2/29/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Sales drop slightly for Corona Beer
First Corona Virus Death in the USA here in Washington State
2/29/2020 DiscoverJBLM.com
Kirkland, WA
593rd ESC sustains readiness at Warfighter Exercise
2/17/2020 Capt. Jennie Armstrong (593rd Expeditionary Sustai
593rd ESC sustains readiness at Warfighter Exercise
Army astronaut to administer oath of enlistment from space
2/14/2020 Ms. Amanda Surmeier (USAREC)
U.S. Army Recruiting Command is partnering with NASA and Space Center Houston to host the first nationwide oath of enlistment from the International Space Station on Feb. 26, 2020.
Practicing to resolve problems in the OR
2/13/2020 Kirstin Grace-Simons
Practicing to resolve problems in the OR
America's First Corps completes WFX 20-3
2/13/2020 US Army
America's First Corps completes WFX 20-3
OR techs take Madigan's graduation stage
2/10/2020 Kirstin Grace-Simons (Madigan Army Medical Center)
OR techs take Madigan's graduation stage
JBLM Community seeks peace through prayer at Garrison Prayer Brunch
2/7/2020 Nathan Wilkes, JBLM Garrison Public Affairs
JBLM Community seeks peace through prayer at Garrison Prayer Brunch
Attention TRICARE Beneficiaries: It's Covered! Urgent Care Centers in the Tricare Network
12/13/2019 Joseph Jones (Madigan Army Medical Center)
Information people always want to know.
11/8/2019 JBLM
The Joint Base Lewis McChord Command team briefs the community about housing, medical, MWR events, and many other important subjects.
Petco to Open On-Installation Retail Stores with the Exchange
10/30/2019 Marisa Conner
Petco is coming to JBLM!
Mobility’s Hometown partners with McChord, sends meals to Honduras
10/30/2019 Airman 1st Class Breanna Klemm, 97th Air Mobility
Nearly 42 tons of rice and soy meals were gathered, packaged and flown to Honduras as part of the Department of Defense’s mission in support of humanitarian efforts.
Top Tips for Moving With a Pet
10/29/2019 Statepoint
Your furball is part of the family, so if you’re like most, you don’t make major life decisions without thinking of your pet’s needs — including where you live and how you move into a new home.
Dislocation allowance now available before PCS moves
10/21/2019 Sean Kimmons, Army News Service
Soldiers & their Families can now receive dislocation allowance ahead of a permanent change of station move.
Army developing ways to improve household goods process
10/21/2019 Devon L. Suits, Army News Service
The Army is making improvements to the household goods, or HHG, process to help alleviate some of the stress attributed to a permanent change of station move.
Hire a Military Spouse