Biden PANICS Over New Military Threat Against U.S.

Strait of Hormuz. The IRGC claimed it forced U.S. Navy and Marine helicopters to land by threatening to shoot them down, which the Pentagon denied. The edited footage depicted Iranian speedboats near USS Bataan and USS Thomas Hudner, making it seem like they "intercepted" the ships. The IRGC included voiceover threats against three helicopters. However, it's unclear if the voiceover was genuine or added later. Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh stated there were no reports of forced landings. The U.S. ships aimed to deter Iranian piracy in the Persian Gulf. The Bataan, resembling an aircraft carrier, and USS Thomas Hudner were part of an American buildup. The IRGC's video might signal Iran's anger over the U.S. unloading oil from the Suez Rajan, seized in 2022 for violating sanctions.
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