Do you use affiliate links?
Though we prefer traditional advertising with us, we do promote affiliate links at times for products that we find interesting or would be of use to others.  
Creating & Managing Listings
What Category Should I Put My listing In?

Choose the category that best fits.  If your business category isn't listed, we can add it.  It may be added as a subcategory.  For example, if you sell watches, your category may fall under "shopping."  

Pricing & Payment
How Long Does a Listing Run?

Please see our Pricing page for information about listing plans.

How much do listings cost?

Please see our Pricing page for information about listing plans.

We are a national marketing agency operating on most military bases across the country.  
Each location has different fees.  We can't physically reside at each location however generally there are staff or others with us at each location.   
What is your privacy policy?

See Privacy Policy for details.

Not Satisfied?
We are confident in what we built to advertise your business.
If you are unsatisfied of your featured listing within 30 days, we will refund you.  No questions.  There is no advertiser in Washington State that will offer you that.
We are Veteran owned. We will have a big smile, shake your hand and we wish you the best.
Plus, we will show you the statistics of the leads that we sent your business.  
Do I have to register to use the site?

No. You can browse and search the site without registering.  Registration is primarily for those wishing to add their business or events to the site.  

However, registration is also required for those wishing to post in the classifieds section.
Facebook Groups
Pets / Animals
We will delete your posts from our Facebook groups if you violate this rule.
Allowed: Animal cages, Products for animal use such as toys, collars, etc.
Sharing from your personal page
Please do not share from your personal page into a group. Here is what happens, when you delete the post from your personal page, it creates an error messages within the group.  
When you have many people doing it, it creates many errors. Not cool. 
Thanks for understanding.  We try and make our groups fluid experiences.  
Our Social Media Groups
Membership Required on DiscoverJBLM.com
In order to post business in our social media groups, it requires a membership listing on DiscoverJBLM.com.  We are a business networking entity.  There is a great deal of cutting edge technology, a massive audience that we built over almost 10 years and at great expense.  That audience is local and national which we drive traffic from base to base (post). 
This is not a new concept.  If you join your local chamber of commerce or any other business networking group, you can't join or post in their social media groups unless you are a member.  Yes, you have to pay to join them first.  
Networking is marketing 101.  You can't join the chamber of commerce for free just because you want to hang out with the people.  
If you join a multi-level / direct marketing company, you can't post in their groups unless you are a part of their company.  Millions of businesses, groups and organizations have their own private groups.  You can't join unless you are a member.  Yes, you have to pay to join them first.
Every single member who joins our groups has specifically agreed to our group rules and volunteered for membership.  
Ultimately, it us unfair to our members to have non-members post business in our groups. Our rules are clearly stated when requested to join and are agreed to upon requesting entry.  Anyone removed for violating the rules are notified and given the opportunity to join again as a business member. Ultimately, we want you to succeed with us.  It is nothing personal if you are removed. Come back when you are ready.
Our system limits the amount of people posting businesses in our groups and allows for more personal interaction. You will notice the difference while being a member in our groups. We meticulously prune our groups removing fake accounts, accounts no longer active and those from suspicious countries. No one else does this which leaves them open to scams. This also gives you the most true numbers to active members. Above all, we don't have time for drama in our groups and work to make our groups a respectful place to be.  The drama llamas are removed but you can find them in other groups.  Not ours. 
Every large facebook group around JBLM has a business background to it.  Whether it's photography, real estate, food delivery, schooling, etc... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  Occasionally some of these other groups or their members are upset that we don't allow them to join and post their business and they may state their disagreement under the guise of "unfair."  We lay out the rules right from the start.  Joining us is voluntary.
We understand that some do not understand the scope of what we do.  It's easy to say, "It's unfair to have to pay for services" but is that really American? We are an advertising platform just like any other advertising platform on the planet.  We would love for TV to promote us for free as well.  Truthfully, you can't get a better deal to advertise than this, anywhere else. Ultimately it has taken over 8 years of hard work to build.  No one should ever have to give away their efforts for free. That's unAmerican. Every single person is given the option to join or or not when they first visit our site or social media groups.  Every 6 months or so we get someone upset that we won't allow them to advertise their business for free. It's shameful to make that demand on false pretenses for personal gain and we are forced to ban them from our groups. Those are the people you don't want to do business with anyways. 
We don't demand anyone's products and services for free.  This is a business.  We don't take our groups personally, even when the dependas ask us to refer to them by their husband's rank or demand that they are entitled so we should provide them our services for free.  I spent 20 years of my life serving in the Army and our nation with over 4 years overseas in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere as an Airborne Ranger and Special Forces "Green Beret." I earned the right to run my business as I wish.  
Want to see the technology involved that you can get also?  CLICK HERE 
What do you use your money for?
We find that is really, no one else's business.  But we shall indulge.  The majority goes right back into the business and promoting our sites and social media.  We have software costs.  We have staff costs.  We primarily contract local military spouses to run our groups especially.
Ask MWR how much it is to advertise with them.  Ask how much it is just to be on those TV screens in the bowling alley.
Ask your local military newspaper how much it costs to advertise with them.
Call a radio station.  TV.
We encourage it.  News flash, there are fees to advertise with them. It isn't free.  
They all charge four times as much as we do to advertise.  They don't have 140,000 people in their local facebook groups. Real people. 
Who owns DiscoverJBLM.com?
DiscoverJBLM.com was created by MSG(R) Dave Maestas. He is a retired Airborne Ranger (2/75 Ranger Regiment) and Special Forces "Green Beret" (1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), almost four years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Member of the US Army Ranger Association, Special Forces Association, & Long Range Surveillance Association. with over 21 years living in the JBLM area with 15 years of his service stationed at JBLM. Both of our young children were born at Madigan Hospital on JBLM. Yes, we got lucky. We have a connection with JBLM that most will never know.
We contract local military spouses to manage as much as possible.
He built this affordable platform and over 150,000 people in JBLM area Facebook groups so that people had an option to advertise. Compare this to the local newspaper for military which generally is around $400 per month for the smallest ad 2"x2" or even the MWR which charges thousands of dollars more to be able to be on base and advertise to the military.
We wanted to stand up for others and offer them this service. It can't be free, we have overhead and costs to run this and we are nationwide with sites across military bases and social media groups driving traffic to each other.
Our rights to operate our business are guaranteed by the US Constitution and 20 years of Army service in the most demanding of jobs our military requires, is more than enough "permission" to run our business, our sites and social media in the way that we prefer.   Welcome to America.

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