Bridging the Civilian Career Gap


Bridging the Civilian Career Gap: How PMI's Certifications Empower Veterans and Military Spouses

Transitioning to civilian life can be a challenging journey for veterans and military spouses. The unique skills and experiences gained in military service are invaluable, yet translating them into the civilian workforce often proves difficult. The Project Management Institute (PMI) recognizes these challenges and offers a pathway for veterans and their spouses to leverage their skills and seamlessly integrate into the civilian job market.

For Veterans: Transforming Military Skills into Project Management Expertise

PMI offers two key certifications that are particularly beneficial for veterans: the Project Management Professional (PMP)® and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®. These credentials provide a structured way for veterans to cultivate their military experience into in-demand project management skills.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification:

  • Global Recognition: The PMP certification is globally recognized, signifying an individual’s ability to lead and manage projects effectively.
  • Military Skill Utilization: Much like leading a team in the military, the PMP certification demonstrates the ability to take command of projects and situations in the civilian world.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification:

  • Ideal for Beginners: This certification is tailored for those starting in project management, providing a foundation to build upon military skills.
  • Skill Recognition: The CAPM certification helps veterans demonstrate their project management knowledge and skills to potential employers.

Overcoming Employment Challenges

Veterans often face the challenge of communicating how their military experience translates to civilian job skills. Business decision-makers and hiring managers might not fully grasp the correlation between military service and the qualities needed in their workforce. PMI’s certifications are a step towards bridging this gap, helping veterans stand out in a competitive job market.

Support Through PMI’s Military-focused Chapters

In North America, PMI has over 60 chapters with a military focus. These chapters offer support and resources to help veterans showcase their invaluable skills and understand what employers are looking for. This network is crucial in bridging the gap between military service and civilian employment.

For Military Spouses: Navigating Career Challenges with PMI

Military spouses face unique employment challenges, including frequent relocations, unpredictable schedules, and difficulty finding consistent childcare. PMI understands these hurdles and offers support to help military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities.

Addressing Unemployment and Underemployment:

  • High Unemployment Rate: Around 20% of military spouses are actively seeking work and face challenges, especially in licensed professions.
  • Wage Gap Issues: Due to frequent relocations, military spouses often experience a significant wage gap compared to their civilian counterparts.

PMI certifications can be a game-changer for military spouses, offering a flexible and recognized credential that can significantly enhance employment prospects, regardless of location.

Certification: A Key to New Opportunities

With 81% of military spouses experiencing a permanent change of station (PCS) in the last five years, career continuity is a significant concern. PMI’s certifications offer a portable and recognized skill set that can open doors to diverse career opportunities, helping to mitigate the wage gap and employment challenges faced by military spouses.

For both veterans and military spouses, PMI’s certifications are more than just qualifications; they are a means of translating military experiences into valuable skills for the civilian workforce. By providing globally recognized certifications, PMI plays a pivotal role in helping these individuals find their path in civilian life, ensuring their skills and sacrifices are recognized and rewarded in the job market.


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