CHILLING: Veteran DESTROYED by Deep State. Are You Next?


The FBI began targeting Mike Glover, a former Green Beret who also worked for the CIA, after he founded a company that taught people how to be self-reliant. To Mike, the message was clear: The U.S. government will destroy anyone it cannot control. Why else would officials target a veteran who served 10 tours of duty, with five rotations in Iraq conducting elite operations? But Mike tells Glenn that this is happening all across the country: “The system is flawed,” and only a reset will fix it. He offers insight into the elite operations we are never told about, lifting the veil on the inner workings of the CIA and FBI, which he believes are acting like the enemy of the people. As a former Green Beret who worked closely with the CIA, he has personally seen how government bloat and corruption make situations like the 2012 Benghazi attack even worse. Plus, he explains why he is “100%” certain that Jeffrey Epstein was working with the intelligence community. But despite all he’s seen and all the attacks against him, he’s not backing down. As owner and CEO of Fieldcraft Survival, he teaches people how to be their own first responders and even survive a total disaster. His upcoming book, “Prepared: A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios,” is a practical guide for resilience in the face of the apocalypse, which very well could happen sooner than later.
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