Clarifying the Legitimacy of Businesses Associated with the letters JBLM


Clarifying the Legitimacy of Businesses Associated with the letters JBLM
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The Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) Public Affairs Office recently issued a statement urging the JBLM community to be cautious of potential scammers on social media and websites using the "JBLM" name. While the intention behind the announcement was to promote Operational Security (OPSEC) Awareness Month, it has inadvertently cast a negative light on various legitimate businesses that proudly associate themselves with military communities. This article aims to address the concerns raised and provide clarity on the legitimacy of businesses linked to JBLM.

The JBLM Statement: The JBLM PAO's statement raises awareness about the presence of numerous social media pages and websites using the "JBLM" name, emphasizing that the use of the name does not automatically guarantee legitimacy or trustworthiness. While the intention is to protect the military community from potential scams, it has led to unintended consequences, impacting businesses all across the country with ties to military communities.  Some might even call it a vicious and deliberate attack on local businesses.  In fact, JBLM PAO has not provided one shred of evidence of a business with the letters JBLM in their name who have scammed anyone.  So why did they put this out and what financial damages have they caused from it which can hold them legally liable? It's almost slanderous.  The JBLM Off-limits section of their website shows NO businesses with the letters JBLM shown.  Zero. Zip. Nada.  SEE IT HERE

 We stand tall for all local businesses, Veteran owned businesses and others to call out the JBLM PAO and ask for evidence of a business with the letters JBLM in it who have “scammed” or retract your statement with an apology.  This was a baseless accusation.
Can you imagine the response from the Tacoma Tribune Newspaper if the city of Tacoma put out a statement saying, "Watch out for those people with 'Tacoma' in their business name, they may be scammers."
Can you imagine what would happen if the City of Lakewood put out a statement saying, "Watch out for all those who use the name Lakewood as they might be scams." Do a Google search of all those businesses that use Lakewood in their name. If Lakewood put that out without any evidence of a scam, it would scream "corruption!" Which is why this case is very odd.
The constitution allows a business owner to call their business whatever they chose.  Ya know, that thing you swore to protect and defend.  

Businesses in Military Communities: Countless businesses, from real estate agents to clothing cleaners and alterations, have affiliations with military communities. Cities often use military base names for streets and buildings, creating a strong connection between local businesses and the military. These businesses contribute to the well-being of the military community, providing essential services and support.

The Commander's Off-Limits Section: It is crucial to note that businesses labeled as "scams" fall under the Commander's off-limits section only after a thorough investigation by the Commander. This due diligence ensures that legitimate businesses are not unfairly targeted or stigmatized. The process is in place to protect the military community from actual scams and illicit activities.  SEE THE CURRENT LIST HERE

DiscoverJBLM.com and Discover Maestro: One example of a legitimate business associated with military communities is DiscoverJBLM.com, owned by Discover Maestro's Dave Maestas, a 20-year Airborne Ranger (2/75) and Special Forces (1SFG(A)) with 15 years stationed at JBLM alone, a veteran-owned marketing agency now relocated with headquarters in Florida. Once retired from active duty with almost 4 years overseas fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the CEO, Dave Maestas has worked tirelessly for almost 10 years to help local businesses to succeed.  That's 25 years of service to the JBLM community.  DiscoverJBLM.com operates various websites across the nation for cities, counties, and military bases. Like any advertiser, they generate revenue from businesses that wish to join and advertise on their platforms.  


Membership and Advertising: DiscoverJBLM.com, like numerous businesses in America, has exclusive social media groups where membership is required to join and share business information. This is a common practice and does not equate to scams. Businesses pay for advertising opportunities, supporting the platform and its services. It is important to recognize that demanding free services from businesses undermines the principles of a fair market economy.

While the JBLM PAO's statement was intended to protect the military community from potential scams, it inadvertently painted a broad stroke that negatively impacted legitimate businesses associated with JBLM. Moreover, many of these businesses are owned by Veterans and unfounded accusations on Veterans who use their constitutional rights to name their business should not be painted in such a light. It is crucial to differentiate between actual scams and businesses that contribute positively to the military community. Retracting the statement and emphasizing due diligence in identifying scams will help maintain a fair and supportive environment for businesses linked to Joint Base Lewis McChord.

NOTE:  Unlike any other advertiser in the area, DiscoverJBLM.com offers a 100% money back guarantee.  Within 30 days, if a member is unsatisfied, despite all our efforts to help the business, we refund anyone who is unsatisfied.  NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS.  There is no risk to join.
None.  Zero. Zip.  Nada.
We get it though, whether it was jealousy, hyperbole, or plain inexperience when publishing the warning by the JBLM PAO, DiscoverJBLM.com has emerged as a leader in the area and competition can get scared and those who want "FREE" services may put out outlandish information.  But the PAO should never, blatantly put out false information to discredit others. Blanket statements like the PAO's message are irresponsible.
For questions from JBLM or JBLM PAO, please feel free to contact us here at DiscoverJBLM.com at anytime.  Use the contact us at the bottom of the page and we will schedule a zoom call to discuss more. 
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Come check out one of our other sites highlighting Veteran business owners across America.
AmercanVeteranBusiness.com.  We promise, we are from America. We are Veterans.  We own legitimate businesses.  You don't have to put out a statement saying, "Watch out for those with a business name of 'America' in it- they may be a scam." LMFAO
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