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Savor the Slice: Top Pizza Picks Near Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, not only serves as a hub for military personnel but is also a hidden gem for pizza enthusiasts. The area surrounding JBLM is peppered with a variety of pizzerias, each offering a unique twist on everyone’s favorite Italian export. Whether you're in the mood for a classic slice, a gourmet wood-fired pie, or some inventive toppings, there's a pizza place near JBLM that's sure to hit the spot. Here’s a look at some must-visit spots that promise an unforgettable pizza experience.

1. Pizza Pizzazz

If you're looking for a pizza with personality, Pizza Pizzazz is your go-to. Known for its creative toppings and robust flavors, this pizzeria makes each pizza a masterpiece. Don't miss their signature pies, which locals rave about for their perfect crust and fresh ingredients.

2. Puget Sound Pizza - Lakewood

A favorite among Lakewood locals, Puget Sound Pizza offers a cozy vibe with seriously tasty pizza. With its dough made fresh daily and a generous selection of toppings, this spot is ideal for those who appreciate a pie made with care and expertise.

3. Bruceskis Buffalo Wings and Pizza

Why choose between pizza and wings when you can have both? Bruceskis offers the best of both worlds. Their buffalo wings are a perfect starter before diving into one of their hearty, cheesy pizzas. It’s a casual place perfect for hanging out with friends or family.

4. Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza in Dupont

For those who adore the smoky flavor of wood-fired pizza, Farrelli’s in Dupont is a must-visit. Their handcrafted pizzas are cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, giving them a distinctive taste that pairs perfectly with a glass of wine or a craft beer.

5. Camp Colvos Brewing - Tacoma

Pizza and beer are a match made in heaven, and Camp Colvos Brewing offers an outstanding experience of both. Enjoy a handcrafted brew while you dig into artisanal pizzas in a lively, rustic setting.

6. Abella Pizzeria in Tacoma

Abella Pizzeria prides itself on authentic New York-style pizzas. Thin, crispy, and always made from scratch, their pies are a favorite among those who cherish a good slice. Their menu also features a variety of Italian favorites if you want to expand your dining experience.

7. Chi-Town Pizza in Spanaway

Bring a hearty appetite to Chi-Town Pizza, where the deep dish reigns supreme. This place serves up Chicago-style pizza with a crust that’s rich and buttery, topped with a chunky tomato sauce that's robust in flavor.

8. The Rock Wood Fired Pizza in Tacoma

With its unique rock-and-roll theme, The Rock offers more than just pizza—it’s an experience. Enjoy their creative, music-inspired pizzas and maybe catch some live entertainment on a busy night.

9. Cerellos Pizza, Wine Cafe in Tacoma

Perfect for a date night or a relaxed evening out, Cerellos offers a sophisticated atmosphere where you can enjoy gourmet pizzas paired with a selection of fine wines. Their menu includes classic combinations as well as innovative creations that showcase fresh, local ingredients.

These pizzerias near JBLM offer a delightful variety of options for anyone looking to indulge in some of the best pizzas the area has to offer. Whether you are stationed at the base, visiting, or just passing through, be sure to treat yourself to one (or more!) of these top-notch pizza places. Not only will you satisfy your cravings, but you'll also enjoy the rich, diverse flavors that make the Pacific Northwest a surprising haven for pizza lovers.

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