Facebook Group Scams

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Once you get burned from a buy/sell Facebook group, you don't forget it.  It happens to everyone.  Yes, I buy a lot of stuff online and once a year I learn a valuable lesson. 
I want to pass some of that to you.
If they ask for a deposit- run. Normally a scam. They will take your money and you will never hear from them again.
If they want to clean your air ducts... without a local address, website and phone number - scam
Same goes for car cleaners/detailers.
Most of the time these are marketing people in a foreign country and they sell your info to people who may need it. 
Concert tickets- against Facebook rules for buy/sell groups.  Usually a scam if they want you to pay before meeting.  I don't care how badly you want to see Taylor Swift.  Scam.  Don't buy them in Facebook buy/sell groups.
Car dealer scam.  They tell you that they have a car available and then direct you to a dealership when they commence their sales tactics and add all kinds of additional fees before you even see the finance guy.  Once you see that finance guy, they add even more bonus fees for themselves.  There are no car dealers authorized to post in our groups with over 140,000 members in the Puget Sound at this time.
Moving scam.  "Hey, here is a list of high dollar items I am selling because we are moving out of state and need to sell it now.  Whatever you want, just pay us a deposit. Yes, we will deliver." - SCAM 
If any of this happens to you.  Just report it to us.  Make sure you annotate which group and get the name of the scammer. 
Xbox scam.  It starts out with someone claiming their child passed away and they need to get rid of it - cheap.  SCAM
Jobs - if they do not display a local phone number and/or website address- SCAM 
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Our groups have a great deal of automation to help us run them and keep them clean.
If a Facebook page is deactivated or blocked an admin, they are removed.
If someone unsubscribes from our email so we cannot contact them. Banned.
You may notice an absence of business posts in our groups compared to all of the others.
We limit business posts to only those who are members of DiscoverJBLM.com. It protects you. It identifies and limits spam.
If you want to report an issue or If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us. 
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