JBLM Housing on Joint Base Lewis-McChord

JBLM Housing
5128 Pendleton Ave
Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA 98433
United States

You're looking for housing on JBLM and you can click on the website button on this page and go directly to their website.

On behalf of DiscoverJBLM.com we wish to welcome you to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. DiscoverJBLM.com is not associated with the Army, JBLM or the Department of Defense. Rather, we are Veteran owned media company. My family and I spent 15 of my 20 years of service at JBLM with a total of over 20 years in the area.

We want to answer some questions you may have from our opinion. This is NOT the opinions of JBLM or the DoD.

JBLM is a great place to live.

Advantages to living on JBLM:

The military member is close to home and can get home easier after work than living off post. Sometimes, I even went home for lunch.
Traffic is atrocious off base from 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm.
Safety - crime has significantly increased in Washington State since 2020. Car thefts and vandalizations are rampant.
Violent crime has increased and homelessness is far out of control. This isn't to scare you rather than to prepare you.
If you drive in a rental truck and stay at a hotel off base, many have been broken in to. I always suggest parking it on base and head to your hotel.
I do suggest staying at the hotel on base if you can.

Other tips:
Get on the housing waitlist as soon as you get hard orders!
Book a hotel room on base as soon as possible if you have to wait on housing.

We have the best real estate agents who are also veterans on this site (our opinion). They can help you find what you need if looking to buy a home. Don't forget, talk to a mortgage lender whom you can also find on this site to get pre-approved.

You can find schools / daycare on this site.
Events & entertainment

Much more. Now click on that "Visit Website" button to get everything else that you need about housing on JBLM.

Again, welcome!


For homeschool information and meet a value driven community, visit www.JBLMHomeSchool.com