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Empowering Families Through Compassionate Mediation: The Jessica King Story

In the challenging realm of divorce and family mediation, Jessica King of King Mediation Services stands out as a beacon of support and guidance. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Jessica brings a personal touch to her professional role, driven by her own experiences and a deep commitment to helping others navigate their most difficult times.

Jessica King embarked on her journey in the mediation field after navigating her own divorce as a young mother without the support of her family or community. This profound personal experience revealed the complexities and emotional challenges of divorce, inspiring her to become a certified mediator and divorce coach. Today, she holds multiple certifications, including WA State Certified Mediator, Nationally Certified Professional Mediator, and CDC Certified Divorce Coach.

King Mediation Services, under Jessica’s leadership, specializes in divorce and family mediation as well as divorce coaching. The services offered are designed to mitigate stress, save money, and empower clients to make informed decisions about their future rather than leaving critical life-changing decisions in the hands of a judge. This approach not only supports individuals through the immediate challenges of divorce but also assists in building healthy co-parenting relationships and transitioning smoothly to new life circumstances.

Jessica’s approach is holistic, focusing not just on the legal aspects of divorce but also on the emotional and practical needs of her clients. She offers a range of support and resources, including educational blogs and a supportive community group for co-parents and those navigating divorce. Her work is characterized by a compassionate approach that prioritizes self-care, resilience, and the well-being of the entire family.

King Mediation Services is more than just a mediation firm; it is a resource where individuals can find support, guidance, and empowerment through some of their most challenging transitions, reflecting Jessica King’s dedication to turning her own challenges into a force for good that helps others feel capable, confident, and supported.


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