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Divorce & Family Mediation - Civilian and Military in the Puget Sound

Are you and your co-parent unable to agree on a shared parenting schedule?

Has the communication between you and your co-parent broken down, and do you need support to talk about the issues?

Has family court ordered you to mediation?

Do you want to settle your divorce amicably and cost-effectively as possible?

Are you able to agree on certain aspects of your divorce, but not others?

Do you need a mediator to assist you in drafting a mediated agreement to settle your finances?

As a Certified Family Mediator, I use mediation to create a space for divorcing couples or parents to share the issues, wants, needs, information and explore ideas to resolve the issues in a neutral and confidential setting. Mediation lets you make the decisions about your divorce instead of the court. In addition, mediation offers parents the opportunity to develop parenting plans that honor each parent's unique contribution to their children's upbringing and meet the needs of their family.

Divorce Coaching

Are you experiencing feelings of frustration, anger, sadness?
Are you afraid of the future?
Are you concerned about your children?
Are you overwhelmed with the process of divorce?
Do you need help getting organized for the divorce process?

As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, I act as your thinking partner during the divorce process and help guide you through tough decisions. I work with you to simplify and organize the divorce process, discover what you want and need during the divorce process and support you as you transition to your new life. In addition, I work with you to feel empowered to self-advocate and communicate efficiently and effectively with your soon-to-be-ex, co-parent, and other divorce professionals.

- Jessica King, NCPM, CDC®
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