Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
11610 Trek Dr E
Eatonville, WA 98328
United States

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Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, located in Eatonville, Washington, offers an immersive experience into the natural beauty and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Spread across 720 acres of forested land, the park is home to a diverse array of native animals, including bears, bald eagles, river otters, and more.

Explore the Park
Visitors can explore the park through forested walking paths, providing opportunities to observe and connect with the wildlife in their natural habitats. One of the park's highlights is the Wild Drive, a premier tour that allows guests to drive through the park and witness the animals up close from the comfort of their own vehicles. This experience requires reservations and includes admission to the park.

Educational and Conservation Efforts
Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is committed to conservation and education. The park engages with the community through various programs, such as the Wildlife Champions program, which involves local students in wildlife conservation activities.

Recent Additions
In May 2023, the park welcomed Sundew, a hoary marmot from Mount Rainier National Park, adding to the park's diverse collection of wildlife.

Plan Your Visit
For those planning a visit, the park offers a range of amenities and activities to ensure a memorable experience. Whether you're exploring the walking paths, participating in guided tours, or engaging in educational programs, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park provides a unique and enriching adventure for all ages.