Our Facebook groups - Statement


Organizations often require some to be members in order to join their Facebook groups because these groups are intended to provide a space for members to connect, share resources, and network with each other. We require business owners or those in sales to be members of DiscoverJBLM.com.  By limiting access to these groups to members only, our organization can ensure that the discussions and information shared within them remain relevant and useful to the members.  It ensures our groups are not spammed all day with business posts. 

Groups that require a membership include:
  • Chamber of Commerces - you aren't joining the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce Facebook group if you are not a member.
  • Direct Marketing companies - you aren't joining the Scentsy facebook group if you are not a member. 
  • Veteran organizations - yes, even Veteran organizations have membership dues and there are many of them.
Membership dues are not a new concept.  It may be new to the uninformed.

Furthermore, joining an organization like ours often comes with other benefits, such as access to events, training, and other resources that can help a business owner grow and succeed. These benefits often require financial support in the form of membership dues, which help to sustain our organization and allows it to continue providing valuable services to our members.

It is important to note that lying about one's status as a business owner in order to join our groups can be considered as theft of services. By doing so, the individual is essentially taking advantage of the benefits provided to members without contributing to the organization that makes those benefits possible. This can harm the organization's ability to provide valuable resources to its members and is therefore a violation of the group's terms and conditions. It is always best to be honest about one's status and to support the organization through membership dues in order to fully participate in the group and receive its benefits.

When a business owner is caught in our groups despite saying they are not one, some get upset knowing that they have been caught stealing services and thus may chose to cause a 'stink' to draw attention away from themselves.  We just choose to be the better people and go our separate ways from these people even though we have means to sue them for theft of services, and ensure that a mass audience is aware of their antics.  That is true 'power.' Ultimately, these are the kinds of people that everyone should be cautious of and we remove these types of people from our lives.  Life is too short as it is. 
Joining our groups is completely voluntary. We remove those that do not adhere to the rules, terms and conditions of memberships of our groups.  Ultimately, we do hope people can go on with their lives without such atrocious toxicity driving them.  Our groups support the military spouses who help to run them, their families and many Veteran owned businesses both locally and nationally.  It is these people that are harmed by the actions of those that steal our services.  
- DiscoverJBLM.com 

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