Paperbell For Coaches


The founding story:

Laura Roeder’s mission is to create more ease for entrepreneurs. In 2014, she launched MeetEdgar which grew to a multi-million business that now runs without her. In 2020 she was inspired to create a tool that could create the same kind of ease specifically for coaches. As a business coach herself, she experienced how much time was wasted calculating time zones and sending carefully worded “payment check in’s”.

Just like with MeetEdgar, she knew these were problems that software could solve! So Paperbell was born.

Paperbell was an instant hit, with over 500 coaches using the system within the first few months of launch.

5 reasons why Paperbell is so unique:

  1. Scheduling and payments that talk to each other.

Before Paperbell, a client could schedule without paying, or pay without scheduling! This leaves you as the “monkey in the middle” to sort it all out. Paperbell ties payment and scheduling together so that the two are automatically synced up without you lifting a finger!

  1. Easily sell and deliver any kind of package that you can dream up.
    Paperbell is amazingly flexible and designed specifically for what coaches need. That means you can create complex offerings like group coaching that also includes one-on-one appointments & digital downloads, on a 6-month payment plan.

  2. An elegant, organised experience for you and your clients.
    When you sign into a tool for your business you want it to feel peaceful and organised, not confusing and clunky! You will actually look forward to opening up Paperbell.

  3. Your client has all the details they need, easily accessible.

Paperbell automatically sends your client a calendar invitation in their local time zone with all the info they need including contact information and online meeting details.

  1. Detailed client history at your fingertips.
    Paperbell keeps a clean, organized record of each client including which packages they’ve purchased, their total spend, how many sessions they’ve used, their survey answers, and your private notes.


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