Saluting Heroes with Every Sip: Heritage Distilling Unveils Special Operations Salute™ Whiskey


Heritage Distilling Company (HDC) has been at the forefront of the craft distillery movement in North America, amassing an unprecedented array of accolades over the past decade. Their commitment to quality and community is not just evident in their spirits but also in their dedicated support to the valorous men and women of the 1st Special Forces Group - Airborne at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Their partnership through the 1st Special Forces Whiskey has become a cornerstone of their community initiatives for the past seven years.

Continuing their tradition of service and excellence, HDC has proudly unveiled their newest venture: the Special Operations Salute™ product line. This isn't just a collection of superlative spirits—it's a heartfelt tribute to the brave heroes of Special Operations, their families, and the support networks that stand behind them. The Special Operations Salute™ line is a tangible representation of HDC's unwavering commitment to our nation's protectors.

The inaugural release within this product line is a testament to the craftsmanship and care that HDC puts into each bottle. The limited-edition super-premium 6-year blended whiskey is an embodiment of strength and complexity. Bottled at "Howitzer Strength" (105 Proof), it offers a robust aroma profile of tobacco, smoke, caramel, honey, and pear—a sensory salute to the discerning palate.

But the experience doesn't end with the whiskey itself. Each purchase is accompanied by a piece of history and art. The bottle is encased in a collectible presentation tube featuring the illustrious Army SOF iconography, created by the talented Veteran artist, Serge Averbukh. Adding to the collectibility is an 8x10 custom lithograph titled "SEND ME," crafted by artist and veteran Michael Solovey, ready to be framed and admired.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Special Operations Salute™ line is its philanthropic focus. With each bottle sold, proceeds are generously donated to select non-profit organizations that provide unwavering support to the military Special Operations Forces community. Choosing Special Operations Salute™ is more than a purchase—it's a patronage to a cause that honors and aids those who have served with valor.

Heritage Distilling Company invites connoisseurs and patriots alike to be part of this exclusive offering—an opportunity to savor unparalleled whiskey while contributing to a noble mission. This is more than a drink; it's a symbol of gratitude, a toast to heroes, and a legacy in a bottle.

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