Tryp Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of its TripDelivers restaurants & grocery services to open 36 markets in 21 States

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LAS VEGAS, /PRNewswire/ -- Tryp Technologies, Inc, DBA TripRides & TripDelivers. TripDelivers, a low cost provider to the restaurant mobile food ordering delivery business, is launching initially in 36 markets around the US with its delivery services.

Tryp Technologies, Inc. is a rideshare company entering the marketplace with a unique SaaS business model, a key aspect of which is that all independent driver owner operators earn 100% of the ride fare. The ride fare includes time and distance, wait time, cancellation fee, in addition to 100% of the tip. The company also provides the riders, customers and driver with identical receipts, so there is 100% fare transparency. "Pro Drivers" will pay $99.99 monthly for unlimited rides / deliveries and "Side Hustle Drivers" pay a low $39.99 monthly for up to 75 rides / deliveries. The drivers control their payments and earnings as the rideshare funds are sent directly to them via their own merchant ID account.

Lisa Storie, SVP TripDelivers, said 'We are well positioned with our business model to take marketshare in the restaurant / groceries pickup and delivery services.'

TripRides' unique "all in one" app will put more money in the Driver's pocket due to its driver centric business model. The app will serve both the rideshare industry with "TripRides" as well as "TripDelivers" which focuses on restaurant / grocery pickup and delivery services."

TripDelivers will enter the market through restaurant / grocery delivery and pickup channels. Upon launch, TripDelivers will have more than 500,000 restaurants as a reference in its app. The company also expects to garner substantial interest from restaurant partners, due to policies that separate it from the competition; 1) Restaurants will receive direct payment of monies earned which will reduce the payment timeframe, and 2) TripDelivers has a NO menu mark up policy that does not gouge either the Restaurant or Customer through "menu-pricing markup", a common practice largely unknown to consumers.

Menu pricing markup has been a point of contention with restaurant owners, because they see it as a form of double dipping. In menu pricing markup the delivery companies not only charge restaurants a whopping 10-40+ percent of the customers' total bill, but they also mark up the restaurants' menu items and pass that markup along to consumers. Consumers are then stuck with a much higher bill and restaurants with a much lower profit margin. "70% of consumers say they'd rather order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party," according to upserve.com.*

For years, restaurants have been at the mercy of delivery service companies who gouge not only them, but also consumers and drivers. Instead of gouging, TripDelivers' business model for restaurants is a simple $2 flat delivery fee for member restaurants or $3 flat delivery fee for non-member restaurants.

TripDelivers' very simple model for restaurant pickups is a refreshing change to the nickel-and-dime-type plans at other companies: For pick ups, restaurants only pay a low flat fee. The driver will keep 100% of the customer-paid pick up fee, plus 100% of the tip.

Other features and benefits include No Surge Pricing Ever, No Menu Mark Up Ever for consumers or restaurants, Pick Your Driver, referral commissions, and independent owner merchant accounts for drivers and restaurants.

The restaurant and grocery pick up and delivery business in the US could exceed $100 billion annually. The restaurant and grocery business total revenues across United States are in excess of $1.6 trillion annually.

TripRides is poised to make a strong entrance with its current roster of over 100,000+ drivers and riders in the following markets:

Miami / Ft Lauderdale

Las Vegas


Salt Lake City



San Diego



Orange County

Inland Empire



S Fernando Valley


Silicon Valley

Los Angeles



San Francisco





West Palm Beach


New Orleans



New Jersey




Baton Rouge

Reston, VA



Company Mission Statement: TripRides & TripDelivers will be the premier low-cost provider in the marketplace. PERIOD.

Going Places. Doing Good.


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