The Impact of Loneliness on Transitioning Military Spouses

We’ve all felt lonely at one time or another. Maybe you didn’t connect with the other people at the party, parents at the playgroup, or didn’t quite fit in with the team at work. Loneliness is not about being physically alone, but feeling understood and cared about by the people that surround you.
Transitioning your military family out of active-duty service can be a very lonely experience. Being immersed in a lifestyle and community creates natural rhythms, expectations, and activities you can count on. Losing that sense of belonging can impact your physical and mental health and add stress to your transition experience.
Join SpouseLink Ambassador, Anna Larson, and guest, Marinelle Reynolds, LCSW, military spouse, owner, psychotherapist, and consultant at eRemedy Counseling and Consulting, LLC to talk about the impact of loneliness and how military spouses going through transition or retirement can cope with losing a lifestyle and community.
Watch the video below.  
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