The National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide: Empowering Veterans for a Brighter Future


The National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide: Empowering Veterans for a Brighter Future

The National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide (NA2EVS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the alarming rates of suicide among veterans. With the Department of Veterans Affairs estimating that 17-22 veterans die by suicide each day, NA2EVS recognizes the urgency of the issue and strives to make a difference. By focusing on education, resources, research, and community engagement, NA2EVS aims to create a support system that helps veterans not just survive but thrive.

The Crisis and Mission:

The statistics surrounding veteran suicide are deeply concerning. Every 65-85 minutes, a veteran's life is lost to suicide, amounting to approximately 6,200-8,030 deaths annually. These tragic losses account for 18-20 percent of all suicides in the United States. Disturbingly, the highest spikes occur among two age groups: 18-29 years old and those over 50 years old. Additionally, recent research indicates that the year around separation from the military is particularly challenging.

NA2EVS has set a powerful mission—to end veteran suicide in the nation. By offering support in the areas of education, resources, research, and community, the organization strives to create a comprehensive framework that addresses the underlying causes of suicide and promotes long-term well-being.

Programs and Initiatives:

NA2EVS understands the importance of tailored support for veterans and their families. The organization provides various programs and initiatives aimed at empowering veterans and promoting mental health:

Operation Veteran Freedom Workshop: This workshop, designed by Vietnam-era Combat Veteran Jan McHenry, offers a four-session online course or a full-day in-person workshop for military and veteran families. It utilizes brain science and educational technologies to provide veterans with an "Operator's Guide to Your Brain," helping them understand and navigate their thoughts and emotions.

  • Race 2 Save Veteran Lives: NA2EVS organizes sporting events that bring veterans together, fostering camaraderie, fun, and physical activity. These events create opportunities for veterans to connect, build relationships, and find support within their community.

  • Whole Health Initiative: NA2EVS aligns with the VA's Whole Health System, which emphasizes self-empowerment, self-healing, and self-care. The organization promotes education and responsibility, encouraging veterans to take charge of their well-being and remove constraints from their past. By providing resources and support, NA2EVS helps veterans adopt a proactive and personalized approach to their physical and mental health.

  • Membership and Business Support: NA2EVS offers individual and business memberships, providing benefits based on the level of support given. By becoming a member, individuals and businesses can join the alliance and contribute to the organization's mission. Business members can participate in the alliance partners program, fostering collaboration and collective action.

  • Turn 22 into Positive Action: NA2EVS encourages community involvement through its campaign, "Show Us Your 22." With 20-22 veterans taking their lives daily, the campaign challenges individuals to find ways to make a positive impact using the number 22 (per hour, day, week, or year). By engaging in creative actions and spreading awareness, the community can come together to support and honor veterans.

The National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide (NA2EVS) is making significant strides in addressing the urgent issue of veteran suicide. Through their focus areas of education, resources, research, and community engagement, NA2EVS provides vital support to veterans and their families. By offering workshops, organizing events, promoting self-care practices, and encouraging community involvement, NA2EVS is dedicated to helping veterans not only survive but thrive.

Joining forces with NA2EVS as a collaborator or volunteer champion allows individuals to contribute to this important mission and make a difference in the lives of those who have served our nation. Connect with NA2EVS through social media to stay informed and share their message with others. Together, we can end veteran suicide and create a brighter future for those who have bravely served our country.

NA2EVS is based in Buckly, WA.
You can find NA2EVS on GuideStar: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/46-4921338
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