The Solution to Eliminate Foul Smells from Your Washing Machine


We all run into many of the same life issues. This is one of them. I like to write about things that are actually impacting my life and sharing how I resolved simple issues. At my age, it is only now that I discovered this solution which may seem crazy to some. I have bought new washing machines because of this.

Have you ever noticed a foul odor emanating from your washing machine? This is because the warm and damp environment inside the machine is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The unpleasant smells are caused by the same microbes that cause the stench from trash or wet dogs.

Cleaning your washing machine with a few wash cycles is not enough to eliminate these pesky microorganisms. However, there is a simple solution: FinallyFresh. This high-proof alcoholic spirit acts as a kryptonite to these microorganisms, eliminating mold, mildew, and bacteria in one go.

To use FinallyFresh, simply add a tablet to your washing machine and run a cycle. Repeat as necessary until the smells disappear. With FinallyFresh, you can easily combat bacterial and fungal growth in your washing machine and enjoy fresh and clean clothes every time.

It’s hard to believe that it is this simple. I figured one would have to take the machine apart and clean it and quite frankly, I don’t have the time for it and with my luck, I would lose a few screws in the process which would mean I couldn’t put it back together. I hope this helps you.
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