The Transition Mission: A Green Beret’s approach to transition from military service


Worried, lost, scared, or confused about leaving the military? This is the book for you!

“This book is the medicine to prevent the transition sickness.”- Transitioned Marine

“The Transition Mission will get worn out by service members.” – Transitioning Green Beret

”This book resonates with the reader. Herb brings empathy and emotion to the transitioning process.”- Retired Army NCO

Herb had a successful military career in which he became the only person ever to earn the Green Beret and Army Drill Sergeant of the Year award. Finishing up his military career he had doubts about leaving the military and becoming a civilian. The Army was the only thing he knew since enlisting at the age of 17.

Like most veterans, the transition process was not easy for him, and he had bad days filled with self-doubt. However, after over 2,000 informational interviews, thousands of hours of internet research, and hundreds of hours of personal reflection, he found his way. He landed a job at a top-tier Management Consulting firm and a seat in the Executive MBA program at Cornell University.

This book is not a checklist to follow for a soft landing upon exiting the military. There is no possible checklist, every service member’s situation is unique. What Herb has done is lay out a different approach and way of thinking for the transition. Instead of teaching you what to think, he opens your eyes with how to think about the transition.

Herb doesn’t sugar coat the process, but reveals his failures in transition and demonstrates vulnerability with personal anecdotes from hanging up his uniform. The reality of transition. The hard questions you need to answer. Techniques to be successful. Ways to succeed and others destined for failure.

transition truths:
•It takes more effort than you realize
•Everyone’s transition is unique
•The earlier you start, the better
•Transition is a team sport, but you own the journey
•There are ups and downs
•Thank you for your service, means just that and nothing more
•The more you identify as a service member, the harder it will be
•Transition happens for everyone except for our fallen brothers and sisters
•You are going to make mistakes, learn from them
•You don’t know what you don’t know
•Success depends solely upon you and your attitude
•It is your most important mission

You don’t have to do this alone, allow this book to be your battle buddy along the way. Take control in the ambiguity and buy this book.
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