Tips on How to Find the Ideal Vacation Rental If You’re a Veteran

Elena Stewart

Tips on How to Find the Ideal Vacation Rental If You’re a Veteran

Anyone would appreciate the opportunity to earn a decent passive income if they could, and investment properties are one way to do this. If you are a veteran hoping to do the same, here are some tips on how to find the ideal vacation rental to hopefully start making some real money in no time.

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The right location is everything

The best vacation rentals are the ones in booming locations, as there is usually steady foot traffic visiting the area during peak and even off-peak seasons. Finding the right location could, therefore, make or break your vacation rental business. Researching your options online could prove useful. Otherwise, you may just have to ask around and get expert realtors' opinions regarding which areas are more popular than others.

Sort through properties

You're probably going to have to sort through multiple properties to get a feel for what could potentially be profitable. Of course, you should do a comparative analysis online to determine which properties in the area are a steal so that you can grab them before anyone else does.

Start off with what you can realistically afford

If you happen to have a nice nest egg saved up for a big investment such as this, then you're already at an advantage because you won't have as much of a mortgage to pay off. If not, then the next best bet would likely be a low-cost home loan that is available to veterans specifically. It's important to note, however, that a VA loan is not suitable for purchasing a vacation rental.

Consider what other expenses may apply

Owning a property often involves much more work, and additional expenses, than one might think. Therefore, it is a good idea to have all of this information on hand before you purchase as you don't want to be grappling with the thought of having to figure out how to cover the additional maintenance, insurance, taxes, and utility expenses because it exceeds your budget dramatically. Ask around for advice from other property owners in the area on how much their yearly expenses are on average to get a fair idea of what yours could potentially be. If you don't feel secure in accurately predicting what this amount could be, try to put away some savings in advance (you could try following the 1% rule here) to help cover these costs if you run into financial trouble that you didn't (or couldn't) anticipate.

Buy a property that's already established

Buying a property that's already established versus building from scratch is generally preferable as you don't have to stress about offending a Homeowners Association or not fully complying with any building restrictions that may apply in the area.

Choose a property that is convenience personified

It's important to remember to purchase a property from a tenant's perspective, meaning that the property should be close by to everything one might need or want so that they don't have to go out of their way to find these themselves.

Investing in a vacation rental is a rising trend and something that anyone can do if they have been bitten by the vacation property bug. Furthermore, it is a cyclical income-earning opportunity that never goes out of fashion, especially since there is an increased focus on the need for more R&R in today's hectic world.

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