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NATO's 75th Anniversary
Seventy-five years ago today, on April 4, 1949, the United States and many of our closest allies signed the North Atlantic Treaty in Washington, DC.
Building for the future: Army unveils $185.9 billion budget proposal
The Army released its fiscal year 2025 presidential budget request of $185.9 billion on Monday, detailing how the service intends to man, train and equip the force into the future.
Cobra Gold 24 Brings Washington Guardsman Back to Roots
By serving in the Washington Army National Guard, Chum has reconnected with his ancestral homeland.
Officer CAUGHT Secretly Recording
Officer will receive a reprimand... a reprimand.
Future conflicts demand flexible and mobile command posts
The latest in a series of efforts to modernize existing vehicle-based Command Post Integrated Infrastructure (CPI2) units and provide on-the-move command and control in anticipation of future combat scenarios.
US Army Special Forces train Taiwan troops near China’s coast
US confronts dangers from 'not very good' Iran-backed militants
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Army cancels armed scout helicopter program yet again
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No one’s been fired over lousy barracks conditions, DOD official says
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National Guard boss: US can still fund Ukraine F-16 training-for now
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New ruck built for radio operators undergoes airborne testing
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Soldier of the Quarter, Soldier of the Future
Spc. Monique Edwin, the sponsorship desk clerk for the Installation Reception Center (IRC) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Washington, challenged herself
Sgt. Tsvira: Growing through the Army
Army Sgt. Dmytro Tsvira, a culinary specialist assigned to 296th Brigade Support Battalion on JBLM, shares how he plans to achieve his personal and career goals.
7.4% increase in the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness
Unsheltered Veterans represented nearly 80% of the overall increase.
The Transformative Impact of Drones on Modern Warfare: From Civilian Shows to Military Strategy
The rapid evolution of drone technology, evidenced by the mesmerizing displays of civilian drone show companies, has profound implications for modern warfare.
Sexual Assault Now Tried Outside Military Chain of Command
This military justice reform is an important step in restoring faith that the system is fair, just and equitable, said senior Defense Department and military officials
DOD Releases 2024 Basic Allowance for Housing Rates
New rates take effect on January 1, 2024
Chief Master Sgt. David A. Flosi named 20th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
20th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
FORSCOM Commander’s Forum outlines the future of Army formations
Commanders and command sergeants major from across the U.S. Army Forces Command footprint gathered at Fort Liberty for the FORSCOM Commander’s Forum
Army sets aside convictions of 110 Black Soldiers convicted in 1917 Houston Riots
The records of these Soldiers will be corrected, to the extent possible, to characterize their military service as honorable.
300 permanent party barracks buildings that are in poor and failing shape
Military Service Leaders Address Deficiencies in Barracks 
Biggest Explosion on JBLM in over a Decade
U.S. Soldiers, assigned to ‘Badger’ Company, 23rd Brigade Engineer Battalion, 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division, recently conducted more...
Top Army drill sergeants awarded after four-day competition
The 2023 U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeants of the Year were announced during a ceremony today at Fort Jackson.
DOD Announced Changes to the Special Leave Accrual Policy for Service Members
Leave that is in excess will be forfeited.
JBLM welcomes new command sergeant major
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CHILLING: Veteran DESTROYED by Deep State. Are You Next?
The Glenn Beck Podcast
Five VA apps that help veterans and their families manage stress
Unmanaged stress can affect your overall well-being
JBLM Civilian Hall of Fame welcomes Minickiello into its ranks
Marine Sniper Tells Congress How He Was DENIED Permission To Shoot ISIS Suicide Bomber in Kabul.
Marine Corps sniper stationed at the Kabul airport the day of a deadly suicide attack
The Chinese Spy Balloon Fiasco
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2023 Military Pay Raise Will Be the Largest in 20 Years!
Retirees and veterans too!
DoD Releases 2023 Basic Allowance for Housing Rates
See the rates here
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11/18/2022 JBLM
Local - National - International JBLM News
Thursday November 17, 2022
JBLM Turkey Drop distributes 1,200 turkeys
Local - National - International JBLM News
Wednesday November 16, 2022
Let Me See Your War Face! Drill Sergeants Can't Yell Anymore?
The US Military's New Smart Optic that Aims For You. The XM-157
The US Army has selected the XM-157
FDA Clearance for Treatment of Anxious Depression - HUGE!
Being emotionally stuck and unhappy in life is harmful. Help is here.
Russia Retaliates
Numerous explosions in Ukraine
Micaela Bensko, Founder Veterans In Pain V.I.P.
Making a difference in the medical community for Veterans
Prepare for a Recession With Ease
It's no longer something they can hide.
Tell us what you think in the comment section.
Hot Job Alert
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Army announces upcoming 2nd SBCT, 2nd Infantry Division, unit rotation
U.S. Army Public Affairs
Army announces upcoming 2nd SBCT, 2nd Infantry Division, unit rotation
HUGE!  Have you heard of Bare Knuckle Fight Club?
Must see
Truth?  What is in the Veteran's bill that they 'forgot' to tell you
It's what they didn't tell you
Russia ramps up more troops at Ukraine border
See it
Air Force unveils action plan to ‘Develop tomorrow’s enlisted Airmen’
“In order to succeed in the 21st Century fight, Airmen need an interconnected development system that supports continuous growth,” Bass said.
The 5th SFAB participates in Bijôy Dibôsh in Bangladesh
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Haines, 5th SFAB Public Affairs Representative
Get the help that you need.
Airmen and Guardians who are eligible and elect to receive a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are authorized a four-hour pass
How Do You Make That? RIPSAW M5
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Triumph over doubt: Reserve loadmaster hikes the Appalachian Trail alone
SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan
This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic.
Tom Cotton: The world is laughing at Biden after UN speech
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JBLM’s Dental Activity memorializes clinic
The Lefler Dental Clinic and the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Dental Health Activity (DENTAC) held a memorialization ceremony June 1
How Army Infantry PREPARE thier Squad Leaders!!
See the video
It's launching in Washington - Finally!
I Corps Best Marksmanship Competition
See the video
Jan. 21 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
Jan. 21 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
95th Military Police Detachment
See the video
How to Make a Shelter in the Woods
Survival requires shelter.
Top Ways to Take a Safe Vacation
Traveling domestically can be a step in the right direction.
First Corona Virus Death in the USA here in Washington State
Kirkland, WA
593rd ESC sustains readiness at Warfighter Exercise
593rd ESC sustains readiness at Warfighter Exercise
Practicing to resolve problems in the OR
Practicing to resolve problems in the OR
America's First Corps completes WFX 20-3
America's First Corps completes WFX 20-3
OR techs take Madigan's graduation stage
OR techs take Madigan's graduation stage
JBLM Community seeks peace through prayer at Garrison Prayer Brunch
JBLM Community seeks peace through prayer at Garrison Prayer Brunch
The Joint Base Lewis McChord Command team briefs the community about housing, medical, MWR events, and many other important subjects.
Petco to Open On-Installation Retail Stores with the Exchange
Petco is coming to JBLM!
Mobility’s Hometown partners with McChord, sends meals to Honduras
Nearly 42 tons of rice and soy meals were gathered, packaged and flown to Honduras as part of the Department of Defense’s mission in support of humanitarian efforts.
October 29 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
Local, national and international news
October 29 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
October 29 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Daily News
JBLM Daily News Monday October 28th
JBLM Daily News Monday October 28th