JBLM Phone Directory
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Prescribing Veteran Suicides: An Epidemic
American Grit Podcast
No Barriers USA launches its 2024 season with the opening of applications
No Barriers Warriors program
Unleashing Creativity at JBLM Arts and Crafts Center
Within the vibrant walls of Joint Base-Lewis McChord's Arts and Craft Center, the Alcohol Ink Arts class has emerged as a dynamic hub for artistic expression.
SFBusinessNetwork.com | Special Forces Business Network
Special Forces "Green Berets" in Business
Human resources specialist travels long road of resilience to Miss America pageant
Vets to Techs program celebrates milestone graduation
DiscoverJBLM Employment Hub: Your Gateway to Thriving Careers in the Pacific Northwest
DiscoverJBLM's Employment Hub stands as a beacon, connecting ambitious professionals with exciting career prospects and empowering employers to tap into a pool of talented individuals.
Searching for Dog Sitters around JBLM????
Want to earn extra income?
Veteran and Military Discounts - Veteran's Day 2023
The Veteran Coach gives great insight to get deals
Explore UCMJ.us: Your Ultimate Resource for the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide: A Beacon of Hope in Washington State
Catch them at Auburn's 58th Annual Veterans Day Parade
Weather at JBLM
Moving to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and curious about the weather?
New community park opens on JBLM
Garrison and community leaders from Joint Base Lewis-McChord gathered Sept. 21 to celebrate the official opening of a new community park on Lewis Main with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
VA mental health apps can support Veterans with PTSD
“VA mental health apps help decrease stigma around mental health.”
There’s a lot boiling below those mounds of Thatcher Ants
Have you ever wondered about those massive mounds writhing with ants scattered across the grounds of Joint Base Lewis-McChord?
The National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide: Empowering Veterans for a Brighter Future
NA2EVS has set a powerful mission
Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence: Dande Company's Exquisite Custom Gifts and Awards
Are you looking for the perfect way to honor exceptional achievements, celebrate milestones, or express gratitude?
JBLM’s airshow soars to 80,000 visitors
Joint Base Lewis-McChord Airshow & Warrior Expo
Get Ready to Rock at the Seventh Annual Orting Rock Festival!
Calling all music lovers
Unlock the Power of Selling in Facebook Groups
Secrets to success
The town of Rainier set to honor four U.S. Army pilots killed in 2011
Mortar training this week (What's that BOOM??)
June 20-23
Did you know?  See the history of Father's Day
HINT: It started in Spokane, Washington
Harvester Restaurant Shuts Down Forever
End of an Era
Move over Gig Harbor, Wings Over Washington Airshow is in Bremerton!
Coming this August!
Facebook Group Scams
Don't give deposits
5 Ways to Show Your Support This Military Appreciation Month
May is Military Appreciation Month
Get guitar help online
Available 24/7
Get to know the native tribes in the JBLM area
Explore JBLM
Galloping Gertie - The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
The history of Galloping Gertie
2023 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Airshow & Warrior Expo is a “GO”
DiscoverJBLM.com will be there!
AMVETS: Americanism Contest: K-12th Grade
Get your kids to enter to win
Benefits of Using the AMVETS Banquet Hall
Plenty of space - Great rates- Tell your friends!
Why should you take local guitar lessons?
We're gonna tell you.
Illegal dumping on JBLM comes at a cost
Illegal dumping at Joint Base Lewis-McChord is costly and dangerous for the environment.
Having trouble making friends?
Here are some great tips
How to Shop for Spring Household Essentials With Ease
You’ll likely need some household supplies to fuel your seasonal endeavors.
New housing planned for 2027
New homes to be built
JBLM Quick Guide
Contact Numbers
Do You Need a post-Holiday Retreat?
A place to rejuvenate.
GO ARMY - BEAT NAVY!! - Watch this!
McChord Commissary is Hiring!
McChord Commissary
The Transition Mission: A Green Beret’s approach to transition from military service
Worried, lost, scared, or confused about leaving the military?
Former 2/75 Airborne Ranger writes a great book
See it
Targets of Tyranny: How to Survive Being an Enemy of the State
This should not be happening in America.
Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Market
How Army Cooks Are Trained To Feed 800 Soldiers In The Field
Boot Camp | Business Insider
Life as a Trans Soldier
Vice News
Waking Up From a Coma in 2022
JP's newest video
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Make 1984 Fiction Again
JP has another great video
Zelensky 'not all he's portrayed as' by Western media: Bernardi
An interesting perspective
Fly to Vegas for $62 bucks! (rates as of July 25, 2022)
Who wants to go to Vegas?
How to Show Your Support for the U.S. Military This Summer
While it’s always the right time of year to show your support for the U.S. Military, the summer season offers a special opportunity to do so.
JBLM DHR - New name. New logo. Same commitment.
What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Making Renovations
Fun Day - JBLM EFMP Family Programs and Tacoma Arts Live
Flip Your Sandwich Game Upside Down
The Importance of Memorial Day
Air layering Pecan Trees PROOF that it really works.
Cool farming techniques
Watch Red Dawn for FREE!
Get Amazon Prime for FREE for 30 days. Watch some great movies.
JBLM PT Guide Map
Joint Base Lewis McChord
Day in the Life of a Saint | Saint Martin's University
Come see it.
Do you need a break?  Take 5 minutes from it all here.
"I needed that..."
Veteran's Day 2021 Deals
See the list!
Illuminating Ideas for Hanging String Lights in Your Backyard
As the days grow shorter and we head into fall, it’s one of the best times of year to enhance your backyard life at night.
First female with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) rejects failure, graduates Ranger School
A new legacy begins at 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Online Jobs for Veterans & Military Spouses
Come see the HUGE list
I Corps Welcome Video
See it here
In-Processing at the JBLM Reception Center
Welcome to JBLM
Smart Savings
See the video here
Understanding Credit and Credit Reports
See the video here
Personal Firearms at JBLM
See the video
Forge Combatives Class-H2F
See the video
How to Drive Safely with Pets
Sports for Kids at JBLM
See the video
Do you feel unsafe shopping off of JBLM?
Take the poll. No contact info needed.
See Mars - At Night!
It's amazingly beautiful.
JBLM Weekly Weather Forecast Wk of Feb 21
What to expect from the weather this week in the JBLM area.
The Science of Spirituality & Wellness
See the video
3 Keys to a Successful Relationship
See the video
Five Love Languages
See the video
Service Matters with Xfinity Cable
Deals for Military
How to Make Remote-Learning More Rewarding and Fun
How to Make Remote-Learning More Rewarding and Fun
Where is my stimulus check?
Find out today
Best Texas Political Ad Ever
See it
Local Hero and Airborne Ranger - Leroy Petry endorses President Trump
A wounded war veteran talks about how he believes Joe Biden is too weak to lead.
Eight Quick Tips for Saving Money
Saving money is a top priority for many Americans, but it becomes even more important during times of economic turmoil.
What to Expect When Your Dentist’s Office Reopens
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of daily life, including regular visits to the dentist.
Coronavirus Second Wave Is Coming - Understand what it's about and prepare
Understand what it's about and prepare
Space Force Recruiting Video Is Out
Check out the recruiting video
Is "Old Town Road" to Blame for the Corona Virus?
Conspiracy theory #9748343434343
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Famous Dave's BBQ Helps our local Health Care Professionals
Help feed as many front line healthcare workers in our community during this challenging time.
The SBA disaster relief loan application has been updated
When qualified businesses apply for the loan they receive $10,000 that does not need to be repaid.
Need Cash?  How to Get Rid of Stuff You No Longer Need.
There are ways to raise cash.
NOTICE: JBLM Child and Youth Services (CYS) program
Impact of COVID-19 and statewide school closures on JBLM's Child Development Centers (CDCs) and School Aged Centers (SACs)
Governor Closes All Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment & Rec Facilities
Governor Jay Inslee said he will be signing a statewide emergency proclamation Monday to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.
Interior Updates You Can Make to Create a Wow Factor
Creating that wow factor is easy to achieve
No, Corona Beer does not cause the Coronavirus
Sales drop slightly for Corona Beer
Army astronaut to administer oath of enlistment from space
U.S. Army Recruiting Command is partnering with NASA and Space Center Houston to host the first nationwide oath of enlistment from the International Space Station on Feb. 26, 2020.
Attention TRICARE Beneficiaries: It's Covered! Urgent Care Centers in the Tricare Network
Information people always want to know.

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